A simple, but profitable betting technique

In the next few lines I will present you a very simple technique which will help you for more profitable betting. What is it? You need an excel file and some work at the beginning. And then everything will go smoothly and you will earn more and lose less.

Usually in almost every match the punter can find some value where to bet. The trick is to find it. We search for value in the difference between the real possibilities for something to happen and the possibilities bettingin the form of odds given by the bookmakers.

To find all of these bets, the only thing we need is a systematic way for searching and disciplined play. There is no easier way to do this than an excel file where to put all kinds of bets we usually play and systematically to check them for each game.

For example, in my file I put the data for how many times in the recent games have been over or under, how many matches finished with more goals in the first or the second half, in how many matches the corners are above or below the border set by the bookmaker and so on.

The options you can check in betting in this way are virtually limitless. Everything depends on you.
The idea of the whole exercise is not to miss a possible bet. Something that happens quite often if you haven’t got a systematic approach for a verification of individual bets. If you try this systematic approach you will win more and by that you will improve your performance.

A few quick tips before the end of this post.

Make the necessary calculations in your excel file, so it should show you where the ROI is above the line for the victory which you have defined for a single bet. Also to each column of statistical information that you are going to check, place a note in which to describe in which site you can easily find the information you need. You should do everything so that you will be able to get the needed information in the most comfortable way.

Do this for a few matches and you will accept this way for researching for your everyday betting.

If you are not familiar with betting sheets on excel, here is a video tuturial about this topic.