Betting predictions systems

Many punters try to avoid making subjective predictions and replace them with objective ones. There are several reasons for doing that. On one hand, not everyone is capable to achieve the necessary success rate in order to make some profit from his bets. On the other hand, even the best bettors get tired at some point and then their success rate drops. This can’t happen in systems for objectively making predictions. They won’t feel fatigue because it’s all about numbers. They are designed to be permanent and to offer a stable success rate.

Of course, things are not so bright in the real world and it is very rare for someone to create a winning system for making predictions and even rarer is to share it with the other players. The main problem is that the football game is too unpredictable and difficult to define only in numbers.

However, the most popular system for making predictions is called ELO system.sports betting It is borrowed from the chess ELO coefficient used to determine the strength of individual players. The application in predicting football matches is almost the same.

How does this system work? At the beginning of each championship all teams start with zero points. After the first round each of the teams are given points depending on whether they won or lost their matches. The interesting part starts when you give the points for the second round. Then the points earned from the first round are considered for the earning of new points after a win or loss in the second round. For example if a team that has lost its first match faces a team which won its first game and wins, this team will get more points compared if they have played with a team which has lost its first match.

Thus giving a much more realistic rating compared with the current standing of both teams as they take into account against which team you played. Through this ELO ranking is shown the real difference between the teams, which in turn helps for better predictions.

However a matter of choice for every punter is where he or she will put the deciding barrier to bet or not to on a specific match. This, let’s call it a rate, is adjusted regularly until the end does not fit entirely to the bettor’s wish.